202423.05 — 23.06

Aachen, Genk, Hasselt, Heerlen, Liège, Maastricht, Sittard-Geleen, Wijlre 


Aachen, Genk, Hasselt, Heerlen, Liège, Maastricht, Sittard-Geleen, Wijlre 

23.05 — 23.06

During Elements 2024 we, 11 art institutions from the region, open our doors wide - even more than usual. Enjoy the diversity of buildings and gardens, collections and presentations, artists and works of art, activities and events. Expand the borders, check out the neighbours! Together we celebrate contemporary art in our region.


The Meuse Rhine Euregion covers the region from Sittard-Geleen in South Limburg to Liège in Wallonia and from Hasselt in Belgian Limburg to Aachen in North Rhine-Westphalia. In this region, within 50 km2, you will find 11 leading institutions in the field of contemporary art, working together as ELEMENTS. The strength of these museums, research places and workshops lies in their connection. Together we cover the entire field of contemporary art, from the research and creation process to presentation and public experience in a museum context. Some institutions have existed for decades; others are young - some more rebellious, others with international fame, from academy to museum. By working together we bundle professional knowledge, presentation opportunities and visibility.

During ELEMENTS 2024 we celebrate the rich culture and art scene of our region, and invite everyone to come experience it!

The Euregion

In this vibrant region, most institutions are conveniently nestled within a half-hour drive by car, bus or train. Some are even within walking or biking distance from each other. Reaching them is never a hassle.

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